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Welcome to the our Member Services page. This page provides resources and options for current members. If you are not a current member and would like information about our plans please Contact Us, your HR department, or your agent/broker.

Member Resources

Membership Changes

No problem! Changes to current accounts may be submitted via our Member Service Form or you can reach us at 800-807-0706

Member Feedback

We appreciate your feedback! Send us a quick message with your testimonial, feedback or suggestions regarding our plans and services using our feedback form.

Discount Dental Plan Member FAQs

  • What’s the difference between a discount dental plan and insurance?
    • Discount Dental Plan –
      • See network dentists only
      • No limits on use each year (use as much as you like)
      • No forms to complete
      • No age limits
      • Everyone is accepted
      • No waiting on any services after activation
      • Orthodontics (braces) for children and adults
    • Traditional Insurance Plan
      • Options to select any dentist
      • Deductibles to be met
      • Calendar year maximum
      • Benefit waiting periods may apply (~12 months for major services)
      • Cosmetic dentistry included
      • Higher monthly cost
      • Age restrictions (children to age 19)
  • Can I change providers? / How do I change providers?
    • If you are a member of the Choice+ or Care Choice dental plans you may see any participating provider in the plan specific network.
    • If you are a member of the Colorado Alpha Dental Plan, you can change your General Dentist by submitting a request to customer service. Please submit a change request via the member request form or call us at 800-807-0706 to change your provider.
  • Why do I have to select a provider?
    • For the Colorado Alpha Dental Plan
      You need to select a General Dentist provider in the Colorado Alpha Dental Plan network (one that has an ADP number on our list of providers) because this plan acts like a medical HMO. **Note:  This plan provides greater discounts and less out of pocket expense at time of service than the Careington plans.
    • For the Choice+ and Care Choice Plans
      You do not need to select a provider with these plans and you can see any participating dentist in the nationwide network. **Note:  This plan provides less of a discount and more out of pocket expense at time of service than the Alpha Dental Plan.
  • Do I have to commit to the plan for a certain amount of time?

    Yes, our plans require a 12 month / 1 year obligation.
    **Note:  Less than one year membership may result in being billed from the provider/dentist for 100% of the fees for services rendered. Members may cancel within the first 30-days and receive a full refund minus any one-time, nonrefundable processing fee.

  • When and how can I cancel my plan?

    You may cancel within the first 30-days and receive full refund minus any one-time nonrefundable processing fee. After the first 30 days, you may cancel your plan after fulfilling the 1 year obligation, but a 30 day advance written request to cancel your plan is required and should be submitted via the member request form